Saturday, September 20, 2014

Styrofoam Head Hat Display

I wanted to make a classy hat display for my crocheted hats I plan to sell on Etsy, and figured one of those Styrofoam heads would do the trick. But I wanted to make it less...styrofoamy looking. I decided to google 'foam head ideas' (yes I did that) and came across a handy blog that got me started.

I must give credit to for the inspiration.  Thank You Dani!
I wanted to cover my foam head in something neutral because I didn't want it to be the focus when I photograph my hats. I chose an old newsprint/catalog scrapbook paper design. Really you can choose just about anything, but it's best to make sure it's not too thick (no cardstock or anything like that). I'm guessing magazine pages, newspaper, wrapping paper, quilters squares, burlap, and whatever you can think up, would work well.

Things you'll need:
  • foam head (duh)-I found mine at Jo-Ann for $5 and used a 50% off coupon
  • something to cover it-I used scrapbook paper-2-3 sheets should do it-Again, Jo-Ann for .20 cents each
  • Mod Podge-I used Matte but Glossy would look nice too
  • paint brush
  • scissors

To begin, I cut my scrapbook paper into 1 1/2 inch squares (a paper cutter makes the job go fast). You can do strips or smaller squares, or rip it up...whatever. Then I just started slapping on Mod Podge and sticking my paper to the head.

I started on the face since it was more complex and for most of the bumpy edges, I wet my paper a bit by laying them on top of a wet cloth.  That helped them conform to the hills and valleys a little better.

Once I got a section finished and my Mod Podge was still wet, I smoothed out bubbles and flattened ridges with my fingers.

It's starting to look a little creepy...

 Overall the whole process took a couple hours.  I let it dry and finished up the bottom in the morning. (This is especially creepy looking.)

My foam head has a hole in the bottom that would be perfect for a dowel rod attached to a base. Maybe I'll do that...

In the meantime, here is the finished product: